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AG06 ImpactLeaders | We re-imagine the established and realize the new | A retrospect on 2022 | What’s next? | Jonathan Escobar, CEO ActioGlobal
“We we can´t solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday´s answers.“ “We need to reimagine all the sectors in which we operate. There is not a single one that does not need to be reimagined. And above all, we need to ask ourselves new questions along the process. We we can´t solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday´s answers. It's super important that we act with an eye to the future.” What is needed? “Outstanding collaborators and equally outstanding people. That's what the team of ActioGlobal is all about. That's what makes the people we work with.” Jonathan Escobar shares his insights on * Hybrid Work * Strategy and Execution * Disrupting Silos and Hierarchies * Multiple Ambidexterity * Transformational (Servant) Leadership looking ahead to 2023. In this episode you will listen to: Jonathan Escobar [https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanescobarmarin/], CEO ActioGlobal Get further information about * ActioGlobal [https://bit.ly/ActioGlobalWeb] * Impact Leaders by ActioGlobal [https://bit.ly/ImpactLeadersbyActioGlobal] * Instagram * Twitter [https://bit.ly/ActioGlobal_TW] * LinkedIn [https://bit.ly/ActioGlobal_In] * Youtube [https://bit.ly/ActioGlobal_Youtube] #Agile #FutureOfWork #NewWork #OKR #ImpactLeaders #Culture #Transformation #EnterpriseAgility #Agility #ActioGlobal #Leadership #Disruption #Ambidexterity #HybridWork
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